Sunday, 15 January 2012

All this hype about Office 365 - a quick look

I signed up for a trail of Office 365 , a SAAS offering of those familiar, ubiquitous  Microsoft Office applications.

Having launched to most of the world last June , I'm a bit late to the party but was interested in taking a peek at it's capabilities. It seems to be advertised everywhere now.

Signing up to the  trial and checking it out  is well worth a few minutes of your time - even just to get an idea of how 'rich in functionality' future web apps are going to be.
In particular I was interested in how excel works 'in the cloud'.  

Excel in Office 365 falls under their Office Web Apps banner , browser-based scaled down versions of of Excel, 

Word, OneNote and PowerPoint

After signing in and a quick few clicks  I was in firing away on a excel-esque interface via my browser. I was able to produce pretty convincing workbook , a few tables here and there, a pie chart and use some formula and formatting same as I would offline.

There is slight lag , you see the old 'progress indicator ' every so often but overall it's a comfortable experience.

You can download your workbook locally ,take a snapshot with only the values and even email it from you 'outlook in the cloud'. Autosave is a nice feature too.

Worth a look, installing things on your desktop is so 1990.